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Why I’m Running

There are three reasons I’m running for Governor…

The entire country should care about my first reason.

Minnesota was GROUND ZERO where the riots, looting and “Defund the Police” ALL started and then spread across the country. 

In the center of it all was Keith Ellison, Ilhan Omar, and our weak Governor Tim Walz pushing anti-American woke agenda. Shoving CRT down the throats of parents and allowing our kids to fall behind in school. 

At the same time allowing record murders, car jackings and all crime metrics go unchecked. That changes Day One when I’m in office.

Minnesotans have been leaving the state in record numbers.

My opponent enforces one of the heaviest tax burdens in the country on the business community, private citizens, and retirees by taxing social security benefits.

This is not the time to nominate a career politician. We need a leader from the private sector with private sector solutions.

Lastly, Americans are tired of being bullied by the left and exhausted by constant accusations of systemic racism.

In fact, this is the least racist period in our country’s history.  My parents and grandparents would have loved to have grown up in the America I grew up in.

We are NOT going to be the generation that lost America.   

We are going to be the generation that saved it, restored it and passed it on to the next generation.

That is why I’m running and that’s why we are going to win.

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I’m uniquely positioned to be our party’s champion. My life story is a living case study that the PROMISE of America is alive and well.

And what is that story…

  • From poverty to prosperity, literally from the projects of Harlem and a trailer park in Oklahoma to become Vice President of a Fortune 100 company.    
  • Served our country as an Artillery officer in the Army, stateside and South Korea.
  • My wife, Sheila and I have been married for 35 years, raised our kids in the Christian faith to be productive citizens and serve others less fortunate. 
  • I’m not an exceptional person. I live in an exceptional country and I serve an exceptional God. 

They want to pass on an America of identity politics, cancel culture and constant fear.

I want to make sure we pass on an America of – HOPE, Freedom, Opportunities, and Religious Freedom.

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