Michele Tafoya Endorses Kendall Qualls in the Race for Governor!

Just days after entering the race for governor, respected service member and businessman Kendall Qualls receives sports broadcaster Michele Tafoya’s endorsement! Citing our nation’s current divisiveness and her ability to get to know Qualls and his common-sense policies during the 2020 election cycle, the reporter said this during an interview on WCCO’s Chad Hartman Show:

“I really like Kendall. He’s a great human being, he’s smart, he has unbelievable experience on a lot of different levels in a lot of different arenas that really apply to state government. Everything that I know about him screams integrity, smarts, leadership, an understanding and an ability to bridge a gap.”

The high profile endorsement is just the start according to Qualls. He offered this statement in response to the endorsement:

“I’m honored to be endorsed by Michele Tafoya. As a reporter, she has her thumb on the pulse of Minnesota affairs and has seen the harm that Governor Walz’s policies have caused.

I’m proud to be a strong proponent for common sense policies and I’m positive that our message against business shutdowns, government overreach, identity politics and the constant fear associated with cancel culture will resonate with voters throughout the state.”

Listen to Michele Tafoya endorse Kendall for governor here!